Excel 600 Height-adjustable bath with Detachable Powered Swing Seat and Transporter

The Excel 600 can be enhanced with the addition of a Detachable Seat and Transporter; improving the bathing experience for both the bather and carer.

This allows the person being bathed to be put on the seat in the bedroom and simply transferred on the transporter to the bathroom and then gently lifted into the bath, without the need for further lifting or handling of the bather. This is better for both the bather and for the carer. The operation is very simple. The Transporter is pushed gently up to the side of the bath and the magnets on the bath panel and on the back of the transporter then simply connect to ensure it is in the correct position for accepting the seat. The seat is swung out of the bath and lowered on to the Transporter. At this point, the arm disconnects from the seat and the Transporter can be moved away from the bath and taken to the bedroom. Returning to the bathroom with the bather, the Transporter is again connected to the bath via the magnets.

The arm is raised and the arm engages with the seat and lifts it off the Transporter; no locks to unfasten, no transporter to dis-engage. Once the seat is lifted up and into the bath, the transporter can be moved away.

Seat Cushion
For added comfort a seat cushion is available which can be fastened to the seat and easily removed for washing.

The seat has an insert that can be removed to allow more personal cleaning from underneath the seat.

Standard Specification
The standard bath is supplied with a full set of internal and external panels, straight arms on the seat, a removable insert in the seat and a detachable seat that lowers on to the Transporter.

It as available with a right-hand swing seat (pictured) or left-hand.

1700mm x 750mm with an End Waste
1700mm x 750mm with a Centre Waste
1800mm x 800mm with an End Waste

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