Excel 300 Fixed Height Bath with Powered Swing Seat

The Excel 300 Fixed bath with Powered swing seat is designed for people who require assistance for getting into and out of the bath, but are not necessarily totally dependent on others in order to bathe.

This bath will allow some people to bathe themselves and therefore remain independent. Being a fixed bath it can also be used in smaller bathrooms as it can be fitted against the wall, although space is required in front of the bath for the seat to swing out and for the person to get on the seat.

The Excel 300 can be supplied with a Full Panel or if it is to be used in a facility where a hoist may be used, hoist access panels are also available. The bath is supplied with the front panel as standard. End Panel(s) or an Additional Side Panel are also available where required.

Panel Options
Additional Side Panels – To suit a 1700mm or 1800mm long bath, either Full or Hoist Access.
End Panels – To suit a 750mm or 800mm wide bath and to be used in conjunction with either one or two Side Panels.

Standard Specification
The standard bath is supplied with a Front Panel (Full Panel or Hoist Access), straight arms on the seat and with a removable insert in the seat.

It as available with a right-hand swing seat (pictured) or left-hand.

1700mm x 750mm with an End Waste
1700mm x 750mm with a Centre Waste
1800mm x 800mm with an End Waste

Dimensions and Handset
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